How do I login to the Glasgow Clyde VLE?

Using Computers at Glasgow Clyde College


Six Simple Questions and Answers


1. What do I need to log on to a computer in the College.


To log on to any computer at Glasgow Clyde College you need:

·         A username.

·         A password


2. How do I get a username and password


·         You’ll be assigned these at registration. Your username will be on your student card.

·         Username:  Your student reference number

·         Your password will be your date of birth in an eight number format, ddmmyyyy. For example, if you were born on 3rd July 1990, your initial password would be 03071990. You’ll be asked to change your password the first time you log in.


3. So how do I change my password?

·         The first time you use your username and password you have to be on a computer inside the College (not from home).

·         You enter your username and initial password (date of birth) and then you’ll be asked to choose a new password and enter this twice.


4. Do I need different usernames and passwords for different campuses or facilities?

·         No, you have one username and password which will cover all your IT use in the College. With these you can access computers, the Student Intranet and our VLE.


5. What’s the VLE?

·         Glasgow Clyde College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an online area where you will find a range of activities and resources to support your course. It’s a kind of electronic classroom. These resources may include accessing course notes/learning materials and course information, online submission and grading of assignments and/or participating on online discussion forums. 

·         To access the VLE go to  and choose the link for the campus you are studying at.

·         Your VLE login information will be the same as the login information you use to access any computer within the Glasgow Clyde College network.   If you are accessing the VLE for the first time you will need to have logged on to a computer within the college first – the password you create at this login will be the same password you use to access the VLE.

·         You can also access and use the VLE from home or anywhere else outside the College.


6. Where do I go if I need help, if I’ve lost my password for example?

·       You can reset your college network password using the "Lost Password" link on the vle - but you must sign up to the college password reset service first.

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